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The TWW alternative became a popular choice for Wales & West viewers, who switched from the dull BBC service in droves. Broadcasting from St Hilary, by the early 1960s TWW was firmly established as the Nation's favorite.

TWW's Pontcanna Studios TWW St Hilary TX Map TWW Audience

Hear how TWW sold themselves to viewers. (42Kb)
In that clip we heard Alan Taylor, probably best know to national viewers as Nancy's "assistant" in "Paint Along With Nancy" and as host of the HTV West version of "Mr & Mrs". More from Alan in the Programmes section.

Jack Train All Good Things ... Come To An End
Left, we have radio personality Jack (Colonel Chinstrap) Train asking viewers to "pay-tribute" to Wales and the West's very own stars on TWW's opening night. Hear how he did it here. (20Kb) We jump forward ten years next, to TWW's closing night. "All Good Things" was a variety spectacular which included acts such as Morcambe and Wise, Stan Stennett and Tessie O'Shea. It was followed by a short programme entitled "...Come To An End" with John Betjeman ...
... Come To An End Lord Derby TWW Exit
... after this, a few rueful words from a bitter Lord Derby, a final wry gag and the station closed down for the final time.

An interesting anomaly occurred in 1968. Having learned that their contract was not to be renewed, TWW decided to sell the last five months of their franchise period to Harlech. This came as a surprise to Harlech, who weren't yet ready to begin broadcasting. The ITA intervened and a temporary Wales and West service was set up, Called "ITSWW" - "Independent Television Service South Wales and the West" for the St Hilary Channel 10, English language service and "ITSW" - "Independent Television Service Wales" for the former "Teledu Cymru" operation.
ITSW The station was staffed by former TWW employees and was presented from the Pontcanna studios. Meanwhile, Harlech worked quickly to bring their launch date forward and began broadcasting officially on May 20th 1968.

Lord Harlech Pontcanna
Left, the eponymous Lord Harlech, seen entering the Pontcanna studios acquired from TWW, for a tour of inspection. Examination of the picture right, shows Harlech lost no time in scraping the "TWW" legend off the building - though their replacement could hardly be described as lavish.

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