The Harlech House of Graphics Trails and Slides
From the days of slides and opacities through to video graphics, we take a look at a series of entertaining and original graphics from Wales and the West.

Trail Styles
We start with a selection of trail styles, most of which were created by Mick Winning at Splash Computer Graphics, using Harry and Paintbox.

A Real Video of some of these trail styles is downloadable here (301Kb).

Promo 1986 - Wave Promo - Christmas 1988 Promo 1988 - New Horizons
Ah, summer on HTV. Our first example from 1986 isn't too exciting, but it's a fairly typical (for the time) amalgam of capgen and computer animation. The line up's pretty dismal. "Classmates" was a sort of cut-down "This is Your Life" presented by Sarah Kennedy.
A nice one from December 1988. We're looking at the plan-view of a Christmas tree, which was built-up with round slabs of decreasing diameters. As the slabs spin and resolve, we realise that the tree-ornaments are portions of the HTV logo. Quite what the bubbles have to do with Christmas is another matter ...
1988 - "New Horizons from HTV", the "aerial" rendered in the plasticy/metallic finish that computers always seemed to offer. Still, nice work. By now HTV was employing professional V/O artistÚs rather than local announcers for trails.
Promo 1989 - Beach Promo 1990 - Magic Promo 1990 - Desk
Beach promo from summer 1989. Sadly we've just missed the animated crab. Interestingly, "Codename Kyril" was an HTV production for the Network.

A well executed sequence with lots of live-action from autumn 1990. Programme in question would spring from one of the playing cards. Accompanied by suitably cheesy music.

Desk top motif for this one from the same year. The actual programme trail would resolve itself into album - as here. Other pictures in the album were back references to previous HTV trail styles.

Influence of the NPU
NPU trail, HTV style 1 NPU / HTV Trail NPU trail, HTV style 2
In 1998 ITV introduced a new image for the Network, centred around their "heart" motif. Additionally a Network Promotions Unit was set up to provide unified trails for Network shows. HTV remained defiant - well, a bit - by painstakingly obscuring the ITV logo supplied on the trails with an HTV one. It isn't clear why they adopted the two different styles ...
ITV logo in vision Endcap with HTV logo
... though their policy wasn't consistent, sometimes the HTV logo was only added to the final caption, while occasionally it wasn't added at all.

Slides and Captions
WWN  - Change in advertised programme TWW Children's prog. caption Harlech - Wednesday
We begin with a WWN slide from 1963 announcing programme changes. Next a TWW caption from 1966 taken from the end of children's programmes and from 1968, a Harlech promotion for Wednesday. These day-specific captions were used between the Harlech start-up, with its elongated ident and the first appearance of the day's announcer. They were also used at closedown.
Harlech - Back in 2 minutes HTV - for children Now on HTV
Hello, Harlech's just popped out to pay the milkman. The "For Children" caption from 1970 was a style adapted for other programmes, usually with title and mini HTV ident above the line and appropriate picture below. Next, a typically seventies' style caption complete with alarmingly loud font.
Sunday on HTV Benson The Late Film
A couple of optically sourced images next, from 1985; the first followed episode one of Granada's "Albion Market". The "Benson" slide covered a breakdown, during an afternoon transmission. "The Late Friday Film" is from 1987 - a combined optical, electronic effort.
Lace CITV, 1989 Menu, 1990
The "Lace" caption is from 1989, following a style which began in 1988, a sort of odd telly/microwave oven affair. Next, a Children's ITV caption from 1989 embracing the ITV corporate style introduced that year and a Saturday afternoon menu from 1990.
1998 slide 1999 programme menu
Finally, a glimpse of the programme-slide style used for a couple of years up until the end of 1998. Right, a rare peek-time glimpse of a programme menu in the new, ITV style. This was used to cover a short breakdown.

A Transdiffusion Presentation Some of the pictures on this page have been supplied by the Transdiffusion Archive Project

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