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Up until 1993 HTV, like many other ITV companies used in-vision continuity announcers to add warmth and personality to their output. Here we present a selection of popular and well-known faces spanning way back to the days of Harlech, TWW and WWN

Harlech Continuity Announcers HTV Continuity Studio
Left, the original team of Harlech announcers try out the chairs. From left to right, Endaf Emlyn, Daphne Neville, Peter Tomlinson (both of whom became West announcers) and Liz Carse. Right, senior announcer Arfon Haines-Davies in action from the late eighties. This (270Kb) might be his finest hour - welcoming viewers back after the long ITV strike of 1979.

Announcers' Gallery
Margaret Pritchard Arfon Haines-Davies Dilwyn Young-Jones
Margaret Pritchard - Earth Mother of Culverhouse Cross - pleasant, competent, professional. Always ended New Year's Eve duty on a personal note - Great year for me/New child, etc. Status: Retired 1992 before new franchises took effect. Arfon Haines-Davies - Stolid professional and chief announcer for most of the eighties. Leading HTV "personality" and chief presenter of the Wales section of ITV Telethons. Status: Presenter/producer - local programming. Dilwyn Young-Jones - Popular figure from the eighties' intake. Seen by some as a natural successor to Alan Taylor. Status: Since 1993 - moved to weather forecast, though still tackles some announcing duties.
Jenny Ogwen Sue Powell-Reed Terry Dyddgen-Jones
Jenny Ogwen - Sometime S4C "celebrity", though has been announcing since the sixties. Status: did the weather for S4C, assorted Welsh language shows. Sue Powell-Reed - Appeared, late eighties. Early work confined mainly to afternoon duties. Status: Still heard. Terry Dyddgen-Jones - Some announcing duties from the late seventies for several years. Status: senior figure in production of Welsh language drama.
Gwyn Parry Mike Prince Eiry Palfrey
Gwyn Parry - Consistent appearances from the late seventies until early eighties. Status: Welsh language actor/presenter. Some continuity work for S4C, early nineties. Mike Prince - Smooth, authoritative performer, who in the 70s provided the IBA authority announcement every morning on the station start-up. Principally associated with ATV and then Central. Status: don't know really ... Eiry Palfrey - Seen here in presenter mode, serviced HTV continuity late seventies/early eighties. Status: as ever, some presenting work for S4C and appeared in HTV's late 80s soap "Dinas".
Sara Llewelyn Peter Lewis Annie St John
Sara Llewelyn - Sacked, 1992 during franchise renewal. Claimed to press she'd been "treated like scum". Seen here blabbing to a gleeful BBC "Week In Week Out" team the same year. Status: sometime singer and runs/ran antique stall at Cowbridge market. Peter Lewis - Son of TWW announcer/presenter Bruce Lewis (see below). Worked most prodigiously for LWT, joining them in the early 70s. Status: Now lives in Houston, where he continues to run a successful communications consultancy. Annie St John - Like the previous pic., taken from a 1987 HTV Xmas Tape. Also worked for Tyne Tees and Ted Rogers on "321". Status: Committed suicide in early nineties.
Russell Hurn Peter Crawford Gill Impey
Russell Hurn - Russell joined HTV as one of the presenters of their Nightclub (q.v.) service launched in 1988. He also moved to general continuity and is seen here presenting on HTV West. Status: since leaving HTV, has worked as freelance reporter/presenter for BBC Radio Glocestershire and BFBS; obtained a BA in Psychology and an MSc in Counselling Psychology. Russell is currently training to be a charted psychologist and hopes to combine this with his TV and radio experience. Peter Crawford - A still from HTV West, 1988. Status: Still announcing early nineties. Status: last seen fronting "Claims Direct" insurance ad. Gill Impey - Another still from HTV West, 1988. Status: Now forecasts the West's weather.
Liz Carse Endaf Emlyn (left) & Peter Tomlinson John Doyle
Liz Carse - One of the initial group of Harlech announcers. Status: Married to journalist/presenter, Martyn Lewis. Moved to Granada as script editor and wrote highly commended material for children's television. Has published two children's books which are currently being animated for TV. Obtained a BA (Hons) in English Lit. Endaf Emlyn (left) and Peter Tomlinson - two more of Harlech's original line-up. Status: Both entered TV production. Emlyn regularly appeared on Welsh TV as a singer and now runs independent production company. Many shows for HTV. Tomlinson went on to work for ATV and is currently MD of Saga 105.7fm, which launched in October 2001. John Doyle - Our wander through the world of continuity continues with some familiar faces from TWW and Teledu Cymru. John Doyle is pictured here in 1967. Status: John had an extensive career as reporter/presenter with Westward, TSW and Westcounty TV. Died January 2001.
Bruce Lewis Ivor Roberts John Humphries
Bruce Lewis - Major TWW personality and Peter Lewis's Dad; in addition to continuity duties he fronted many TWW programmes and even wrote a book on the art of TV announcing, which we will be featuring soon. Status: Now seventy-eight years old and living in North Wiltshire. Ivor Roberts - Another familiar face from 1967. Can be heard at work in the station-openings section, making Authority announcements for both TWW and Teledu Cymru. Status: died, 1999 after many years as popular character actor. John Humphries - Did a stint at TWW in the sixties. His brother Bob remains in Wales as the BBC's sports supremo. Status: known nationally as BBC news reader/reporter.
Linda Lee Iris Jones Linda Lee
Linda Lee - Moving onto Teledu Cymru, this picture is from 1966. The Teledu Cymru continuity set seems to be pretty minimal. Status: ? Iris Jones - Pictured in 1964. Iris started with WWN, moving to TWW upon takeover. She remained as an announcer/presenter until Harlech took over the franchise and subsequently presented various shows for the new company. Status: famous in Wales again, as "Beryl" in BBC Wales' long-running soap "Pobol y Cwm." Linda Lee - Included for completeness' sake, this photograph showing Linda in 1966 wearing a snazzy frock and sporting a slightly different coiffure.

There's an excellent interview with Iris Jones in the Electromusications magazine at the Transdiffusion site.

More announcer photos are available in the features section, while "Night Club" presenters are dealt with in our "A Last Look at the Clock" section.

This page is due to be updated with another dozen or so announcers, soon.

As a footnote, long-time Radio Two presenter Colin Berry writes to tell us that he did summer relief for HTV in 1971 - mainly for West ... "but they let me loose on Wales on my last night, where I attempted to say goodnight in Welsh ! It was my only stint as TV announcer.."

If anyone has a picture of Colin or any other announcers missing from this collection, please get in touch.

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Pick of the Adverts
As well as continuity announcements, these front-line TV troops had other duties - here are some "cardboard" ads. Production of the slides was included with the air-time purchase price and the accompanying V/O was often read out live by the duty announcer.
Handiland Handiland
Hyper Value Hyper Value Magnificent. Bleach has never photographed better. This one was accompanied by pre-recorded jingle.
How Derek must have gloated as he saw all his competitors crushed by this snazzy campaign (17Kb). Voice over here by Arfon Haines-Davies.
STOP PRESS: Unaccountably, Derek's business folded shortly after this campaign in 1987.

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