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Welcome to the features section of HHG.

Here we offer a collection of items to augment the other pages and some
links to other sites of interest.

PICTURES A collection of rare images, publicity stills and post-cards.
REAL VIDEOS A varied collection of excerpts from HTV Wales and West.

HTV HTV's website, featuring programme and transmitter information, news on Wales and West personalities, merchandise and information on the HTV film library.
MHP The Meldrum Homepage is the internet's premier source of British TV presentational material. Home of the Test Card Gallery and the Ident Zone.
ITW The Independent Teleweb is an historical and political analysis of the development of ITV on a contractor-by-contractor basis.
625 Television Room Andrew Wiseman's collection of TV features, including idents, logos, Public Information Films, Digital TV and the grievous problem of D.O.G.'s mess.
mb21 Transmitter photos, widescreen TV and the home of Teletext Then and Now. Plus lots on Radio, professional audio, the internet and much more.
ATW Another Television Website. Includes lots of material on the BBC, Anglia, C4, Central and Grampian. Some rare Public Information Films too.
Richard Logue's Irish TV An extensive site focusing on TV in Northern and Southern Ireland, including analysis and test cards, idents and Real files from RTE, Ulster and BBC NI.
TBS Story and updates on the "Transdiffusion Broadcasting System" which began as a sixties' collective of child TV enthusiasts. Their archive material is currently being developed for the internet.
The Tyne Tees Logo Page A great looking and extensive exploration of the North East contractor. Lots of pictures and sounds and most importantly, plenty of background info.
A Toast to TV-am An analysis of the company's programmes and presenters, together with many pictures, rare captions and Real Media files.
HTW The Historical Television Website has information on colour TV, Southern television and sections devoted to TV-am and gardening programmes.
TV Ark An excellent site, brim full of categorised Real Media files, including, BBC, ITV, Satellite, Comedy, Kids, Adverts and Soaps.
Greg Taylor Home page of the TV world's very own Red Shadow. Links to his many on-going web projects, including the ever expanding "Watched It!" kids' TV website.
Sean Hughes' original TV logo page under new management. Includes audio and video files.
ITV Southern England Southern, TVS and Meridian under the spotlight with pictures, sounds and videos.
John Bain's Thames Site An extensive delve into the life and history of the London weekday contractor. Thoroughly recommended.
Midlands TV On Line A nice collection of rare pictures from ATV, Central and BBC Midlands.
TV World A growing collection of categorised TV idents and multimedia files from the BBC, satellite and ITV.
Richard Bell's TV Zone Several galleries, including BBC and ITV Generic material, together with plenty of Quicktime files of BBC continuity, news and sport.
John Wardle's BSB Site A look at the short-lived satellite broadcaster, with a page devoted to each of its five channels and some Real files of idents.
Damien Cahill's Irish TV Site Another Irish TV site - this one actually based in Ireland. Info. on BBC NI, UTV, RTE, Network 2, TV2, etc. Includes some Real Media files.
Fintan's Website Irish TV from Australia. Also includes pages devoted to Australia's ABC, Seven, Nine and Ten networks, together with Real files of their logos.
Skyride A site devoted to the development of Sky and its associated channels, including details of its history, logos and teletext.
Russ-net Russ-net's World of Television, has many promising sections, including Celebrity Deaths, Fantasy TV and Hersee says ...
Grundies World ... has a selection of idents and assorted videos in Real G2 format, many with a UTV flavour.
If your site has been missed out, let us know here.