The Harlech House of Graphics Features - Real Video
A collection of Real Video files
from Wales and the West

This collection requires Real Player G2, which can be obtained here:

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Adrian Ruck has been pondering what might have been and created these TWW idents for the nineties.
TWW ident for the 90s TWW (Wales) ident for the 90s
The well known TWW "rectangles" ident (257Kb) gets a shiny, new look, while Teledu Cymru's dragon (399Kb) looks rather good against the traditional red and green of Wales. Both are presented with the familiar twelve-note TWW fanfare.
Harlech - in colour!
Continuing the theme, Adrian has created this excellent Harlech Ident - in colour! (154Kb) (To view it, please use the protective 3-D glasses given away with this week's TV Weekly.)

Next a few HTV closedowns. All from 1987.
Weather Caption From late summer, the weather followed by the clock. No idea who the out-of-vision announcer is. (315Kb)
HTV Wales Close A more viewer-friendly example now from Arfon Haines-Davies on Christmas duty. (354Kb)
Closedown film Closedowns were generally followed by this film and the Welsh and English national anthems. (754Kb)

Bits and Pieces ...
An example of Peter Lewis in action - from 1987. (68Kb) Peter Lewis
The high turnover of announcers during the late seventies / early eighties is the subject of this spoof from the 1987 West Christmas tape. Featuring the voice of Michael St John. (208Kb) Bear announcer
Here's an example of HTV's "Night Club" output from 1991 (203Kb) Night Club
Another spoof, based on an IBA "Television and Radio" yearbook ad. (303Kb) IBA yearbook ad.

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