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Bruce Lewis
We begin with a nice off-screen shot of famed TWW presenter
and personality, Bruce Lewis.

OB Unit
The TWW outside broadcast unit was shipped to Ireland in 1962 to cover the visit of American President Kennedy.

Maureen Staffer
Another long-serving TWW presenter, Maureen Staffer, pictured at the newsdesk. Many thanks to ex-TWW man John Davies for these excellent pictures.

Langdon Cartoon

Another ex-TWW employee, Ray Bradley sent in this Langdon cartoon from 1967 dealing with TWW's failed bid. Clearly, their London base was regarded as a significant factor in the loss of their franchise.

Next, a collection of HTV Wales publicity pictures from the late eighties.
Arfon Haines-Davies
We begin, appropriately enough with a post-card of chief announcer,
Arfon Haines-Davies

Margaret Pritchard
The ultimate professional, Margaret Pritchard, displaying a unique talent for writing whilst looking the other way.

Dilwyn Young-Jones
Here, Dilwyn Young-Jones has a rest on a comfy looking control desk ...

Jenny Ogwen
... while Jenny Ogwen decides the lens of this camera is just the thing
for a bit of a lean.

Sylvia Horne
Sylvia Horn here, was a stalwart of Wales' news in the eighties ...

Alan Rustard
... as was Alan Rustard ...

Liz Lloyd-Griffiths
... and Liz Lloyd-Griffiths. Today's top story - Wales newsreader
in oversized jacket horror.

Night Club
Night Club Team Russell Hurn
In 1988 HTV began through-the-night broadcasting with "Night Club".
Original presenters were Russell Hurn ...

Anju Mishra Elise Rayner
... Anju Mishra and Elise Rayner.

Thanks to Nick Oliver for these pictures.

Finally a "fun" game to pass away those long summer evenings. Can you help Lord Harlech select the correct route to franchise success?

It's a difficult task and on your journey, you must avoid treading on the toes of the ITA's Lord Hill, bitter exchanges in The Times and an absolutely furious Lord Derby of TWW.


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