The Harlech House of Graphics A Last Look at the Clock
The launch of a though-the-night service in 1988 spelt the end of normal closedown procedure. Here's a reminder of how things were and a look at a few graphics and faces from HTV's ambitious "Night Club" service, itself superseded in 1992.

Right, last programme's finished and we've had the weather, so sip yer cocoa and let the ever reliable Margaret Prichard bid you goodnight with this closedown announcement (95Kb). Weather Caption Margaret Prichard
HTV clock - mechanical National Anthem
Next, the National Anthem (754Kb) rolls. Shot on the same grainy 16mm as the 80s start-ups, it provides an interesting contrast to their urban vibrancy. Here, the pastoral peace of lapping waves and idyllic scenery purveys the proud fusion of Wales and England. Hmm ... This happy routine continued throughout most of the eighties, until ...

Night Club

HTV Night Club Logo August 1988 and HTV's "Night Club" service began in a blaze of publicity - well, there was an item about it (590Kb) on HTV Wales' evening news programme "Wales at Six". Utilising HTV's new Sony Library Management System (LMS) for automated programme delivery, the service covered both Wales and the West. Sony BetaCart

The live continuity was initially hosted by Russell Hurn, Elise Rayner, Anju Mishra. Night Club Presenters Much was made of the fact that the new service would be high quality; not simply a repository for repeats and old films ...
Here Elise Rayner introduces the 1966 Roy Castle classic, "The Intrepid Mr Twig".
Elise Rayner

The initial presenters were replaced/augmented by a number of others, four of whom can be seen here. This second wave seemed much more relaxed and a rapport began to build between the presenters and the viewers with letters, requests and dedications becoming a regular feature. Su Porter Polly Boyes

David ..? Alas, in 1992 "Night Club" went the way of other regional night operations when HTV began taking Granada's impersonal "Night Time" service. Many of the presenters still pop up on TV or radio including David Charles (left) who's enjoying a successful acting career. you can check out his website here Monnette Lee

Night Time Caption Night Club Jobfinder Caption

Real Video versions of HTV closedowns together with some publicity photos of the original team are available in the features section.