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Hello and welcome to The Harlech House of Graphics, a festering repository of all things graphical from ITV in Wales and the West.

In 1998 HTV celebrated 30 years as Wales and the West's Independent Television Contractor. For those 30 years HTV (and before them, TWW) has maintained a distinct and consistently interesting on-screen presence, evidence of which, hopefully, you'll find on this site.

We have idents, trails, a gallery of in-vision announcers, news, local adverts. In fact, everything from start-ups and cock-ups to closedowns and breakdowns - it's all here … actually there's far too much of this nonsense to be healthy for anyone. Oh yes, there are a few programmes thrown in for good measure too.
Though most sections are presented in a rough chronological order, we don't dwell on the history or politics of things too much, (that's done much better elsewhere) the only exceptions are where events or circumstances have affected presentational policy. No, we aim to entertain, reminisce and review again some of the most interesting presentational material from 40 years of ITV in Wales and the West.

Hope you enjoy it.

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TWW - Harlech
The opening and close of TWW, through to the early years of Harlech.
The technical challenges of running TWW and HTV within a dual franchise environment.
Idents, Clocks and Test Cards
Four decades of logos and televisual utilities from the archives.
Station Openings
Start-up routines, from the 60s to the 80s, with pictures, music and videos.
Knowing Your Announcer
Familiar faces from the world of continuity and some of the local "cardboard" adverts.
Trails and Slides
An assortment of trail styles and programme captions from TWW and HTV presentation.
How the graphical style and sound of HTV News has changed since the 70s.
... As Soon As Possible ...
What happens when things are running somewhat less than smoothly.
We look back at some TWW, WWN and HTV programmes, paying particular attention to their title sequences.
A Last Look at the Clock
Closedown procedure and national anthems to 24 hour TV with "Night Club", we remember it here.
A selection of Wales and the West related pictures and videos and links to other sites of interest.

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